Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with trying to catch up...

Sketch Fest: I realized abruptly that this is TODAY! Come leave prompts (in just a few hours) and do quick sketches with artists around the world! http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Health: Still only about 80% to full health, with some sniffles, coughs, and snots. Guppy is back to full strength. We only got up once last night, and all I did was lay her back down and tell her it was time to sleep. A little pouty protest, and she went back to sleep. She woke just after the alarm went off, and is strangely back down for a nap already. What this means for the rest of the day, nobody knows. (Even her, I suspect.)

Storm Report: Power: I still have it! My sister (who ironically, lives right in town!) does not! Apparently, we're in a bit of a sweet spot. That, and the ice storm of 2010 took out some trees and GVEA mopped up our power corridor rather aggressively. It was a pretty grueling task to get our driveway cleared. I spent nearly an hour picking up branches (and whole logs) that would have tangled the snow blower, and then Jake spent two hours running the snow blower. He threw three sheer pins, which slowed things down considerably. There were sticks I missed, and loose rocks, and a really HEAVY crust of ice that we don't usually have. The storm was a weird one - it didn't finally stop blowing until late last night (which made snow-blowing especially 'fun'), and at one point it went from 20 degrees to 38 in the space of an hour, with 99% humidity. This meant condensation on the underside of our roof, which dripped steadily and very noisily onto the trapdoor in the nursery until the roof caught up with the warm temperature. Our EZ-up tent failed under the snow load last weekend, and utterly crumpled in the force of the wind. I will take photos - it's... kind of amazing how bent up it is. We'd already excavated everything we thought we might need out of it, but we didn't get it completely dismantled in time.

Kickstarter: I was able to cut ACEOs in the light of flashlights and headlamps yesterday during Guppy's nap, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Other: If I had anything else, I've forgotten it. ACEOs now! And coloring book orders! And laundry! Maybe bread!
Tags: health, kickstarter, weather

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