Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily, recovering slowly...

No sleep makes Mom something something...

Not blog, apparently. Last night, we slept through (THANK GOD); the night before that, I was up four (increasingly grumpy) times. I'm feeling better enough now that I feel guilty sleeping through her naps. The cold has settled into my chest, so I SOUND awful, but I'm not nearly as miserable.

Kickstarter rewards are starting to go out! I'm so excited! I got the Very Big Overseas Package with a Deadline out yesterday (I... er... suspect that Guppy may have set off the car alarm while we were inside the Post Office...), and all of the PDF-only levels are all checked 'rewards sent!' - though I realized this morning that I do still need to make an update post for backers with the link to *Asterix, which has been on my server since last week. 20 Days boxes are being loaded up, I have about 800 ACEOs left to print (that's not an exaggeration! And I've already done about half of them!), and a catbox to scoop. Also, some programming, and Sketch Fest is coming up Friday.

Guppy has recovered fully, and is back to her unstoppable self. Here she is, avoiding the Mom-arazzi in her snazzy new sunglasses.

Back to it, now!
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