Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

20 Days of 20 Years of EMG, Day 18: More bundles, Portrait Adoption sales, and other announcements

Animal Nouveau Bundle: $10 (1 card, 1 magnet, 7 stickers, 1 button, 2 mini-totes) gone!

Who We Are Bundle: $3 (6 cards)

Jenny Heidewald and Katerina Koukiotis have joined in my Portrait Adoption sale, and now all portraits in their galleries are also 50% off, as well as all of my own! This is an amazing chance at a one-of-kind print, with a signed certificate stating that no other prints will ever be made. (Discount will be applied as a refund after you've checked out - sorry, there's no easy way to change that many portraits!)

Don't forget to add portraits (by any artist!) to your wishlists. I will be drawing the winner of a free portrait adoption (from my gallery) on Nov 1!

And on that topic, we have a winner for the free ACEO pack from last week. Congratulations to: Isabelle!
Tags: 20days, emg, portrait adoption
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