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20 Days of 20 Years of EMG, Day 16: ACEO blanks and a drawing!

One of the fun things I made myself was blank ACEO cardstock for artists. (ACEO stands for art card edition or original, and indicates artwork that is exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Highly collectible, and great for media experimentation and quick sketching.)

I bought a stack cutter and a heavy-grade die punch that cut 2.5 x 3.5, with lovely radiused corners, stocked up on various art papers, and provided oddball kinds of specialty paper that were perfectly cut for art cards. It's a little time-consuming to do the punching, but the radiused corners are really cool looking. I also can do hard corners on my stack-cutter, which is WAY easier, but not quite as awesome. I kept this equipment, and I have some of this stock left! If there is enough interest, I may keep two or three kinds of paper in stock and start offering them generally for sale again. The rest of this stuff I consider leftover, so it's gotta go, too!

Japanese Sketch Paper: http://www.dickblick.com/products/yasutomo-japanese-sketch-paper-pads/
This was a 9x12 pack, but the end has been chopped off, so it's now 9x8. You can have what's left, uncut, for $4. I will chop it into ACEOs (~288) for $10. Punchcut will be $35. (1 available)

Stonehenge drawing paper. http://www.dickblick.com/products/stonehenge-drawing-paper-pads/
Uncut 9x12 pad with 1 or 2 sheets missing off the back: $5. Cut into ACEOs (~90 cards): $12. Punchcut for $35. (1 available)

Japanese Rice Paper: http://www.dickblick.com/products/yasutomo-japanese-rice-paper-sheets/
Unopened pack of 100 sheets, 9.5 x 13 inches. Uncut, $4 - but it's large, so will require a minimum of medium flat rate box. Cut into ACEOs (~900 cards): $15. Punchcut for $35.

Strathmore Bristol, 300 series. I have smooth and vellum! 150 cards for $15 cut, $35 punched. I will probably not carry this again, because Strathmore wised up and started offering this size themselves.

Fredrix fine grain gessoed canvas. 50 cards for $12 cut, $30 punched. (I only have three available!)

Arches Hotpress, 140. 50 cards for $15 cut, $30 punched.

Arches Coldpress 140. 50 cards for $15 cut, $30 punched.

Arches Coldpress 300. 45 cards for $20 cut, $40 punched (this is a one-card-at-a-time process, and hard on the wrists!) (only 2 available)

Mi-Tientes colored paper, the assorted colors collection. 100 cards, $10 cut, $35 punched. (I only have 4 available)

Scratchboard: white, gold or silver: 50 cards, $5 cut. $25 punched.

Crazy miscellaneous pack: 100 cards, $10 cut, $35 punched.

And... I haven't done a drawing for a while, so anyone who comments here (OR at the Facebook mirror) is entered to win 50 miscellaneous cut blank ACEOs. No purchase necessary.

Master page of all specials and deals is here! Bundles still available! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1403112.html
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