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Wrote a rejection letter today, and have more to get through. :( I hate writing rejection letters. Easily the worst part of my business. Still, I've gotten through a couple of old, old submissions, which is very nice and I'm feeling vaguely in control of my life. Vaguely. Still have a heap of submissions to go through. Some of them still ver-ry old.

Some exciting new talents joining EMG. *grins* Not that my current artists are slouches, either. I'm starting to feel a bit optimistic about the whole 'someday EMG'll support me' thing. I'm thinking of doing a modest ten-year campaign... make up some 1993-2003 banners, buy some of the cheap ad space at places like Furbid, or Epilogue. Just for the month of October, to see how it goes. I'm not convinced it will be a huge success; I know I tune out most ads, and I'm curious to see if other people do, too. Any other suggestions for good sites to purchase adspace at? Definitely NOT interested in yahoo or general sites, etc. It's a good time of year to remind people that I'm around, what with Christmas on the horizon.

Talking about DragonCon some more with the husband, and haven't decided exactly how to do it. He has some inherited furniture in the Midwest that we have been thinking about picking up, and now that we have a skookum truck, it's more of a possibility. It would be an absolute *blast* to drive down to Wisconsin with EMG in the truck, fly to GA for DragonCon, then back to WI, rent a U-haul trailer, and drive back. Or maybe drive all the way to GA. Stopping, hopefully, at various places close by to say hello and meet/reacquaint with various family and friends in the area. (I live in Alaska... I have a rather wide-ranging idea of 'in the area' and 'close by'.) I would really really love to do this. We do have airline miles that would get us right to GA from here, too, though. Driving would just be so much more fun!! Time off would be the greatest problem; not that either of couldn't *get* it, but that's a long time without paychecks. Jake could get some paid leave out of it, but I don't get much of it at my job and I usually blow it all on the fair.

Raviolis! Life is good.

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