Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with hoarse baby

Guppy sounds like a chain-smoker this morning. Other than being a little sleepy and making me wince everytime she talks or cries, she doesn't seem sick.

She woke me up at 1:30 this morning, but I eyed my watch with skepticism; my watch has read 1:00 three of the last five times she's woken me, only to have me later check my phone or another watch to find that it was 2, 3:30 or, in one case, 8 in the morning. Methinks it's about time for a new watch. This time it was actually right, though, and we changed a diaper and had some water and hugs and she went back to sleep with relatively little fuss. (She clung to me and gave every indication that she was going to fight it... then gave a resigned sigh and let me cover her up without protest.)

Here's a photo from last week:

I got a massage and adjustment yesterday and holy mother of the Internet, did I need it. Masseuse and chiro both agreed that I needed it, and made disapproving noises over my neck and shoulders and hips. The chiro asked if I'd done something to cause the problems and I said I had a toddler. "That's all I need to know," he laughed. The crunchy sounds he made my spine made were alarming, but today I have full range of neck motion and it doesn't hurt when I pick things up or bend over. I do feel a bit as if I've been worked over with a meat tenderizer, but it's a good kind of ache.

I have a few page replacements to do in both coloring books, and then it's green light to print! That's my priority for the day. That, and staying not sick myself. There is laundry to fold, should I be so motivated.

Someone wants my attention now! Off to play with the frog! *croak!*
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