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Tuesdaily... randomly random...

I posted a 20 Days yesterday, but no daily and no Torn World. Woops! My excuse is that it was Alaska Day, which meant a day off. Last week, we saw the publication of the last installment of laylalawlor's "The Lichenwold Crossing." If you missed it, you can start here and next/previous links will take you right through. This is a great adventure romp that works as a wonderful introduction to the setting. Next week, we'll resume their journey south...

There will be a 20 Days post shortly - I have seven days left, so I'm just figuring out how to space what I've got left out. Fantastrix and Dotminatrix are off to the printer, and there's a chance I will see a proof today. Which is terrifically exciting.

Winter held off for a few weeks, but it's getting nippy again and snow is in the forecast. The dog's water was frozen this morning! This is a photo from one of our recent walks - I was struck by the little black heart this aspen leaf made on a cottonwood leaf. I wish I'd had my good camera with me - this is just a shot from my phone.

Laundry to fold today, dishes to wash, and hummus to make, plus some shopping, a trip to the post office and a (MUCH-needed) chiro adjustment. I am out of carrot cake, boo!



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Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
Pretty leaves!

It is snowing in Illinois right now and has been almost all day. That is Just Wrong! *laugh*
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