Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend update

The husband is miserably ill, and the Guppy is just miserable - I don't know if she's only growing, or if she's battling off the same sickness, but there is grouchiness, resistance to napping, midnight waking, and constant hunger. I am drinking my honey ginger echinacea and feeding everyone constantly. I have no time to get sick myself!

I have managed to finish the Fantastrix PDF! I've sent links to everyone who gets it, I've got surveys out at the pdf-levels, and have contacted everyone with oddball pledges. The files for the print versions are next up (nearly done!), and then *Asterix. Can I start shipping next week? Here's hoping!!

All for now. Art and photos later.

(ETA: Print files uploading now! Horrah!)

(EATA: Print files uploaded! Remainder of surveys sent! HORRAH!)
Tags: guppy, health, kickstarter

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