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20 Days of 20 Years of EMG, Day 10: Cloisonne pins and oracle decks

Periodically, I sold awesome things through EMG that I didn't make myself.

For example, Oracle of the Dragonfae, which included artwork by several of my artists, and Mythic Oracle with artwork by Ravynne Phelan (then Michele-Lee Phelan!). I also carried Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle (Book & Cards) and Pathfinders Animal Totem Deck, but both of those are out of stock.

I DO have several copies of those first listed decks left, however! And I am making them available to you guys for $10 each this month! (Shipping is combined over all orders this month; one deck will fit with most small-item bundles in a small flat rate box, but if you get calendars, coloring books or other larger plan-area items, you'll need to step up to a medium flat rate box. Into which I can squish a great deal!)

(Full disclosure - links above are all affiliate links to Amazon! Click knowingly!)

I also sold cloisonne pins of ursulav's work in three designs, though these weren't available on the webpage for any length of time:

Cloisonne pins: $10 each. (available: 1 Digger [out of print], 3 Red Wombat, 3 Happy Cthulu)

Also, an update - I have only one of Ursula's Rodents We Have Known calendars left. See all the available bundles and updated specials here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1403112.html
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