Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


One of Guppy's recent favorite words is: woodchuck. I have no idea where she got this word, and she never says it once, but as fast as she can, over and over. I assume it's nonsense syllables - she doesn't seem to expect me to understand it. When she does say something and I understand it so I can repeat it back (or comply with her wishes), she gets this enormous smile and wiggles in absolute glee.

She slept through last night, which she hadn't been doing the last several nights, but instead of feeling well-rested, I feel a little spacey and confused, today. Go figure. Maybe some tea. I need to do some writing! And art! And laundry! And bread! Maybe carrot cake! A 20 Days post!

I got a big chunk of Fantastrix survey/messages out this morning - trying to track down how many *Asterix copies I'll need, and make sure any delay in printing these won't interfere with any plans. I am (barely, barely!) on track to stay within my estimated delivery date, except for those, which are handmade.

Oh! And last night, I wired in the garage door receptacle and LO, there is a working garage door! Jake parked his truck in there for the first time last night, and we didn't have to scrape windows off this morning! SO exciting! Heat will be installed tomorrow, though the fuel tank won't be filled until afterwards, so we can't really test it.

Monster went back down to nap unexpectedly at 10, which may mean anything for my chances of an afternoon nap (she usually only takes one, anymore), so I'm jumping in the shower, grabbing a bite to eat, and then tackling All The Things.

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