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The worst of the big PA conversion is done! The databases are carefully merged (all 1200ish entries), the site updated with all the shiny, secure new login/registration/password pages - and you may be happy to know that there is now ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL! Ahem. That is to say, your Sketch Fest/Lilypad login is now also your Portrait Adoption login. Booyeah.

I will troubleshoot any bugs this weekend, and announce some PA specials for our 20 Days celebration next week.

Toddler and I went to turf time today... and were aaaaalllll aaaaalllllone with all the toys. We romped, but I'd really like to catch it someday when there are others to play with. We also dropped all the size 4 diapers at FCA to donate, and they were very pleased to get them. A quick stop at the post office, a trip to the store, and we came home for food and a nap.

And somehow, it's 4 PM and I didn't make any carrot cake or granola, but I'm all worn out. Oh, there was a not-so-lovely wake-up between 12:30 and 1, maybe that's why I'm so tired. Better figure out what's critical to do today and get that done while there's gittin' to do.

Have a guppy photo and story, and I'm off.

One of her latest words is 'Plane! Airplane!' And she definitely recognizes the sound they make and looks for them in the sky - she spotted one before I did in the Safeway parking lot today. Here she is with the puzzle she's so happy she's mastered:

I intend to take the batteries out, because it supposedly makes the sounds of the different vehicles, but they are not exactly high-quality, plus it's got some kind of malfunction and if the pieces aren't in it when I go to bed, it makes these HORRIBLE HORRIBLE mechanical tortured noises when I turn out the lights. Or shut a door nearby. And I never expect it, so it always scares the bejeebuz out of me.
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