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The littlest monster was particularly monster-y yesterday afternoon. She woke up from her midday nap far too early and resisted going back to sleep either then, or later in the afternoon when I tried again. By evening, she was exhausted and grouchy and weepy, and I put her into bed almost 2 hours before I normally would, resigning myself to an early morning wakeup. She is STILL asleep, more than 13 hours later.

And I'm trying to be productive! She was very needy yesterday and I got almost nothing done. (It is very hard to program or draw when there is a CRISIS worthy of tears or shrieks every few minutes.) I DID, thanks to a friend, figure out what was happening with the PA login, and get that all fixed up. (Wrong version of php was being run! *facepalm*) My afternoon was not helped by some of the worst back pain I've had in months. I took pills and leaned against my heating pad, and this morning it's significantly better; I will be attending dance class.

Here is a photo of the small monster looking adorable. The closest we got to self-entertaining yesterday was reading in my chair. She's not a furniture climber yet (all of our furniture is dauntingly high), so sitting in Mom's chair is a big deal. And have I mentioned how she loves to read? I may post video of that later today if I get other things accomplished.

Now I'm off to shower and cross things off yesterday's list.

There is a Sketch Fest in just a few hours that I almost forgot about!! Come join us for a bonus 24-hour, midweek creative jam! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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