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Mondaily with photo, list, Fantastrix update.

I got a lot of the things on my weekend wishlist partly finished: we got the sheetrock in the garage up, mounted and wired the subpanel, and got most, but not all, of the holes drilled for running the power through the basement up into the house fusebox. I got to have birthday cake with my sister! I watched another episode of Dr. Who, which left me on a cliffhanger, so I'm itching for the next one. I stared at the PA login code more and troubleshot the problem until my eyes crossed but made no actual progress. I got about halfway through inking the RTH calendar piece. I went to gaming and ate sinus-clearing chili with garlic bread and gently beat up drug-possessed cheerleaders (in game) and stole a driver's ed car (in game) and played with kittens (in RL). And I finished Adopted, the last piece for Fantastrix! GLEE! My scanner is covered in sawdust right now, but I will blow it off and scan it in, then, if true to my habit, spot a few things I want to change, then fix them, then scan it in again.

Here's a crappy phone photo of it: click to view

That means I can finish Fantastrix this week, and even get it printed, along with Dotminatrix. That is TERRIFICALLY exciting. I will still have the custom work to do, but the biggest of those is well underway, and the others are... er... ruminating. I gave myself an extra month on all the custom art, not being a complete rookie, and I only have four ACEOs and one big piece.

Today's list is pretty minor:

~order bench - emails out to customer service at three places. Stupid shipping to Alaska.
~order heater installation
~put away laundry - half done
~prep chicken for dinner
~clean toilet
~do the first scan of Adopted
~Work on RTH inking
~post at TW
~post 20 Days special (dragons part 1 today, I think...)
~Other things I have forgotten that I will add when I can cross them off because I'm like that...

And in Guppy updates, my latest favorite word is "Hi!" She says it when she first sees someone, and will stop whatever she's doing if you say it to her and GRIN and then say it back. It is a great way to get my attention and I try to reward its cuteness by stopping whenever she uses it on me and seeing what she wants (sometimes just a hug!). It beats the pants off the shriek-for-attention, so I want to encourage it.

She is also being helpful as can be, and offered to help wipe off the table last night when we were getting ready for her bath:

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