Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with a list to cross off...

Guppy's word recently has been 'Here.' It's a multi-use word - she uses it when she wants something, and also, adorably, when she wants to give you something. (Mostly leaves she finds on the ground.) Banana has developed a spoken word in addition to a sign, as well - though it sounds more like 'manya!' She definitely has her vocabulary priorities - her other newish word is 'gray!!' (grapes)

In glee: I FOUND THE FILE FOR READING TO DRAGONS!!! I am a happy, happy, HAPPY camper. I am so happy, I may make it a bonus page in Fantastrix and give it 27 pages JUST BECAUSE.

It would be easier to list what I'm NOT doing today...

~Laundry - in, needs to go into dryer
~Bread - for pizza tonight. Urgh. Baby's down for nap, can't grind flour.
~EMG bundles #1-3, photos and post
~Post at TW
~Work on Fantastrix
~Work on RTH calendar page
~Reprint of print that was bad print.
~Orders - coloring book order
Tags: daily, guppy, lists

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