Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with photo

Still crushingly busy. Owe many emails! Slowly crossing things off my lists! Tomorrow is a big day!

Still on my list:

~ Stuff for Client #2
~ Backups for Client #2
~ Project for other client
~ Invoice Client #2 and other other client.
~ Pay bills
~ Emails
~ Sketch Fest payment thingys
~ Write check
~ Fold Laundry
~ Make carrot cake (waiting for baby to wake up to grate carrots)
~ 19 month bear photos (See above! I wish it had been sunnier today! The lighting sucked!)
~ Work on Fantastrix Just 15 minutes, but that's something.)
~ 30 minutes of TW writing I think I finished the next section! Horrah!
~ TW site update
Tags: guppy, lists, photos

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