Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Archivistrix is FINISHED! Yes! It has been released to my lovely Kickstarter backers, and will go public to the rest of you unwashed masses next month as part of our EMG 20 year celebration.

From the back cover: An impulsive stretch goal conceived of during the Kickstarter of a new coloring book, Archivistrix collects the vintage work of Ellen Million into one delightful e-volume - free as a download to anyone! Whimsical, creative, and painstakingly detailed, topics include: sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, the fall of Atlantis, unicorns as you’ve never imagined them, and... a bellydancing moose?

Dance class tonight, tomorrow, more work on Adopted. Plus programming coming out my ears. And the garage needs finished nownownow so we can get the heater installed. We're SO SO close. The fuel tank and stand were brought in today, and doors are on now! One of the two windows is in, and like half the snowclips. We can't get gutters this fall, but we're on a waitlist for spring.

A snack and some water now, to get me through drills.
Tags: coloring books, kickstarter

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