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Cover artists, editors, graphic designers, etc, you should get your names on the list that haikujaguar is working on to make available to self-publishing authors: http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/1299507.html

Got most of a night's sleep last night - a brief wake at 12 or 12:30 that I didn't have to get up for, and then she was up just after the alarm this morning. No free work time, but at least I feel more human this morning.

Feel like I'm spinning around just outside of the cool groups in every aspect of my life right now - but a) this is probably my own fault and b) I think, judging by the sniffs of drama, that I am rather glad of this in all cases.

Figuring out how ambitious I want to be about my October 20 year celebrations. I am planning to do 20 days of 20 years of EMG... but I think I will NOT do the year-by-year recap I was debating, I'll just limit it to something little and relevant each day. I will have the official release of Fantastrix, Asterix and Archivistrix, I'm planning to do weekly half-price portraits, I MAY have the PA upgrades done by then (crossing fingers!), there will be two Sketch Fests... and I've got some fun OLD OLD designs to share. 20 years seems like such a ridiculously long time... and just like yesterday at the same time.

Have a spot of old artwork. This was a commission from 2000:

I kind of miss doing character commissions. Maybe when Guppy is in school...

(Speaking of, there's a submitted description at PA with no sign-ups yet!)
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