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Winter is... here?

Guppy woke at 3:45 this morning, cried once, and put herself right back to sleep. VICTORY!

By that argument, I should feel less tired than I do right now. Fighting off a nap and debating tea with caffeine.

I think I have finalized the lineup for Archivistrix. I'm waffling on the last choice for Fantastrix. It's a tough decision between: Bad Snowy (ink version, cropped), After the Wave, Gift Delivery, Northern Unicorn Rider, Judge's Oak, The Relic... Ugh! I can't decide!! I really, REALLY wish I still had a high-res version of Reading to Dragons.

Have some photos:

Caught in the act!

This morning's snow:

It's unusual that we get snow that sticks when there are still leaves on trees. Between this and the snow we had mid-May, I'm feeling a little cheated of spring and fall. It was a nice summer, but a LITTLE buffer would be lovely.

And some old artwork from my archive diving. (I'm only sharing pieces that WON'T be in Archivistrix.)

This was an illustration I did in 2002 for the story "Canis Envy" by K. Loughrey Hasell in (I think!) Space and Time. I liked working for those guys. :)

Guppy took a surprise nap this morning - at her own insistence, and is down for her second one now. I am going to work on Archivistrix files, invoicing, and maybe squeeze in half an episode of Dr. Who. Some more food would be good, too... I need to thaw bacon for the quiche I'm making for dinner.


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Sep. 19th, 2013 12:43 am (UTC)
Bad winter! Slow down!

LOVE the Guppy pic!

I think my favorite of those is Gift Delivery, followed by After The Wave and Bad Snowy. In case that helps! :)
Sep. 19th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Input is awesome! I added links hoping for a little feedback. :)

(Isn't she a picture of guilt, there?)
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 19th, 2013 05:53 am (UTC)
I also wish for reading to dragons. :)

Of the others, I think After the Wave, Gift Delivery, and The Relic would make the best coloring pages; I'd lean towards Gift Delivery on the grounds that steampunk is in, but ... why not poll the kickstarter supporters? Judge's Oak is awesome but already so detailed that coloring it seems like madness. On the other hand, the challenge level for coloring your linework is already wicked high, so maybe that's okay? I think Bad Snowy would make a better coloring page than Northern Unicorn on layout, but it's hard to compare that one in color to the others as linework.


The Guppy is an adorable little troublemaker.
Sep. 19th, 2013 06:18 pm (UTC)
I cannot believe you have snow. I'm secondarily speechless at the Guppy's sudden interest in naps. :)
Sep. 19th, 2013 08:18 pm (UTC)
My vote would go to After the Wave! :D
Sep. 21st, 2013 03:10 am (UTC)
That is an awesome Guppy shot! And snow? Eek?
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