Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Miraculously, pizza has supplanted watermelon as the monster's favorite food! Craziness!

We've also moved to size 5 diapers, not for fit, but for capacity. Unfortunately, I had four cases of Costco number 4s left. I thought about selling them on Craigslist, but saw that Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption has a need for them, so I'll be donating them for warm fuzzies instead. We're well-stocked on number 5s, at least.

Her 18 months appointment went swimmingly. Everything normal.

We bought a membership to Fairbanks Childrens Museum, which looks absolutely awesome - I'm looking forward to taking Guppy.

Have been watching new Dr Who in 20 minute bits when I can - it's my first, very late, turn at watching them, and I'm enjoying them a lot. I'm just starting season 2, and I have learned not to vacation in England for Christmas.
Tags: guppy, tv

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