Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A quick request!

I am jumping through a gazillion hoops involved in switching my Paypal account from one with a monthly fee of $30 to a more reasonable $5 (they couldn't just downgrade me, wtf?), so if anyone was thinking about buying a coloring book (recently updated!), or credits to spend at Sketch Fest, or even some of my artwork!, I would very much appreciate being able to test the new settings before Sketch Fest this Friday! (Eek! This Friday, already!)

There should be no change in service, but the interface may LOOK a little different, and it ought to end up in a different account.

If you would like to help me test but don't actually want to buy anything, I am happy to issue a full refund after you've tried it out. I'd love to get both a Paypal and a CC order, to make sure they are both working correctly.

Off to shower while the Guppy snoozes...

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