Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with zucchini report

My coffee is cold! I'm drinking it anyway, interspersed with sending Sketch Fest payments and throwing a ball for the baby, who is doing a giggly imitation of a dog and is getting very good at fetch. Today's word is beeeeee, which is beans today, though it sounds exactly like beets from last week. We're working on word endings, still.

She is starting to anticipate words in songs - there's one we listen to that has a refrain of 'uh-oh!' that she will say a beat early now! She adores music, will dance around when it comes on, applaud when there is crowd noise, and if a song ends, she will run across the room and stare accusingly at whatever is making music until the next song starts.

The giant zucchini I posted a photo of is finally gone! It made: 6 loaves of zucchini bread with chocolate chips (2 of them went to gaming with me and I refused to take any home), 3 giant Turkish Zucchini pancakes, zucchini crumble (which I would not have guessed was not apple crumble if I had not actually made it myself!) and an oven pancake that was the only real flop. We have four zucchinis left, which are SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. One is destined for zucchini boats tonight, stuffed with sausage and marinara, then broiled with cheese on top.

Got art and other-adult-interaction time this weekend, both of which were much needed. I made good progress on Adopted:

I need to move laundry around now, and my coffee is long gone. Sketch Fest payments are all off, most of my immediate emails taken care of. Writing time today? I would REALLY like to finish another TW installment. I set my goal for August at 5, but have only finished 3 so far. :(

Maybe a guppy photo later?
Tags: art wip, food, guppy

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