Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Is it Thursday already?

Damn head cold doesn't seem to want to leave. Stress levels are pretty high; we still have 'driveway guests,' and a second cat that does NOT get along with Velcro at all, and work, and business, and the only time I'm not doing-doing-doing is when I'm dead asleep.

And occasionally at work staring blankly through my computer monitor. *shakes self*

Crossed a lot of stuff off my to-do list yesterday. All the on-line contracts are finished, except Matthew's... the CD drive on Jake's computer is kaput. Or rather, it won't read any CD-Rs... just manufacturer discs. It even writes! It just won't read what it's written.

Lots of emails written, beat my inbox back down to one page (it is already back up to 2). Pulled some of the info out of Outlook, like email addresses. Exported my inbox to a pst file and burnt it to disc so I can work with it elsewhere. Elsewhere that there is Outlook, anyway.

Stomach feels icky. Too much phlegm. Bleh...

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