Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with Milestones

Today, I abruptly realized that Guppy was old enough to play with crayons with a minimum risk of eating them, and we got a baggie of old crayons from Aunt R (following a beautiful lunch at the park!). When we got home, I played an officious trumpet fanfare in my head and handed her a few with a sheet of cardstock. I showed her how they marked on paper, and she was off to the races, demanding a new color every few moments until she could no longer hold them all in her little fist.

As displayed on our fridge. I 'helped' her with her name and showed her a few of the squiggles, but the vast majority of this is her work:

While we were cleaning up from dinner, I looked over to discover that she has also figured out how to navigate levels, and she had climbed up onto the first step of the stairs and was working on the next one up. HRM! Time for another baby gate to go up to keep her at the bottom! I am grateful she is a rather timid child, and is willing, for the most part, to take these things in careful stages. The stacks of flooring (and now of cabinets in boxes) have given her some practice in getting up on things and back off. I'm so doomed as she gets more clever.

I got a very short, self-indulgent story written in five-minute blocks today, and I made shredded beef in the pressure cooker. I think I did something else I wanted to note, but I have no idea what that was now. Bed calls.
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