Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily and Mom Needs Booze.

Oh, this poor baby! Part of this 3-day fuss we're working on is the changing environment with the new floor and having all the furniture moved out (and not back in yet!), but I think she's working on some kind of communication milestone, too. She has been increasingly frustrated with the limits of her sign vocabulary (a few dozen words now) and you can watch her work through all the ones she remembers before getting discouraged and upset that she can't tell us what she wants - much like she did right before she crawled and walked. And her sleep has been seriously off-schedule. This is the second morning in a row that she's been up three hours early! (Yesterday she had the grace to wait until the alarm had gone off, but no such luck this morning.) Yesterday, I got three 1 hour naps out of her - the last one with extreme reluctance. Today is shaping up similarly - it took 2 tries to get 45 minutes of sleep out of her this morning and she is glass-eyed and sobbing again now. At least I got a shower in today! (Nephew E, you are glad you did not come over today. It's going to be a rough one!) But three short naps (that together make up for the early morning) do not replace her wonderful 2-3 hour afternoon nap in terms of productivity. :(

Also, I have lost the screw for the nosepiece on my glasses. Very uncomfortable! Shall have to try to dig up a replacement screw in the basement when (if!) the baby naps again. One of the problems with the new floor (pictured in part, above!!) is that it's very camouflage-y. I crawled around with a flashlight making shadows out of dust for a while, but couldn't find it.
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