Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Saturday Flop


The monster is down for a second nap (her first was short and early... and her morning was early, too!), and this is the first chance I've had to sit down for any length of time.

Last night, we gave the shower an epic scrub and left a fan blowing in the bathroom overnight. This morning, I spent an hour caulking ALL the seams. It looks 100x better than it did, and will not leak water onto our new bathroom floor. Yes, new bathroom floor! Like, a real floor! Not just painted subfloor!

On Tuesday, strange men will be coming to our house and installing real floor in our bathroom AND in the main room which spans our living room, dining area and kitchen. This is an entire half of our rather small house, so this weekend has also been an exercise in moving everything into whatever spaces we can wrangle. And that means EVERYTHING. We had to disconnect our heater (new skill acquired!) and move it to the woodstove hearth, relocate the pantry to the basement, get rid of two other pieces of furniture altogether, roll up the rug and move out the kitchen table. The entertainment center is still to do, and we've left the chairs and table for now. I'm honestly not sure where it will all GO. We may have to pitch a tent for some of it.

The baby thinks this is all great fun, and the laminate flooring (which has to acclimate in the installation space for 72 hours minimum) makes great surfaces to climb on and stack toys on.

It was hilarious fun watching her tip over one of the rolls of underlayment over and try to pick it back up. The rolls are about twice her height and as big around as she can wrap her arms, but only weigh a few pounds. She couldn't wrestle it up from the middle, but figured, with some experimentation, that she could lever it up from one end, wrap her arms around it, and tote it where she wanted. Giant green roll walking around with little toddler feet at the bottom!

Shortly after my hour in the shower, while doing a load of dishes, I told Jake, "Ugh, I feel a little like throwing up."

He replied, "Too many fumes. Maybe you should go outside for some fresh air."

Which caused us both to laugh hysterically.

The air quality today is 'Unhealthy;' the hot dry weather has kicked up some local wildfires and a bank of smoke has settled over the town. It's NASTY out there. Like breathing in an ashtray. We ran the purifier for a while and the air inside isn't awful, at least.

Woops, there's the baby waking up. Must go start dinner now. I made bread dough that we're going to use to make pigs-in-a-blanket, and we've got 3 bean (plus!) salad chilling in the fridge. For dessert, raspberry sorbet!
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