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Ellen Million

Wednesdaily. A rather random one, with FDLs, food talk, baby stories and a photo.

This is the coolest thing ever: A 'frozen debris lobe' that is advancing on the highway at an inch per day! One of those hazards of the north they just never talk about...

Took Guppy to storytime at the library and met some very nice moms and their charming children. Guppy tried to hang out in my armpit for the first little bit, then relaxed and actually toddled off during toy time to investigate some of the Things and People. She tried to hoard all the red balls, despite being unable to hold more than one of them at a time. (I convinced her to share.)

Then we went shopping and bought All The Things. We're on a strict budget right now, so it seemed like a lot, but there were a bunch of buy-one-get-one items at very good prices to begin with, so I stocked up on several things that we go through regularly. I also got a Giant piece of pork which will be smoked and grilled and thrown in the pressure cooker. (All three. It is AMAZING.) There is more than enough to freeze a bunch of packages of pre-smoked pork for easy defrosting in the future. I also made pesto for the first time, because my CSA gave us a pound of basil in the last share, I hadn't used up the PREVIOUS batch, and we're getting another share tomorrow! It turned out lovely, and was super easy, so I'm less afraid of drowning in basil now. There's a tub in the freezer, and we'll have some tonight. I want to try making it with cashews or walnuts, because pine nuts are holyballs expensive.

And, I'll leave you with a photo:

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