Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Jake's comment last night: Why are raspberries ever served in any other fashion?

I blended them with about 1/3 c coconut milk leftover from a curry, a little honey (not enough, but it was easy to drizzle more on top) and just a squirt of lemon juice, then froze it. NOM.

Also, Guppy is more clever than she likes to let on.

I was out walking the dog last night and she brought Jake a book.

"You want me to read this to you?"

Guppy shook her head, pressed the book on Jake, and signed 'read.' More specifically, deliberately, "YOU read."

Jake, a good sport, put down his iPad, opened the book, and began to read it. Guppy eyed him for only a moment to make sure he was reading, then siddled around his chair and reached for the unguarded iPad.

Little minx!

Who, me?

Finally finished the TW installment that had me beating my head against a wall... and have nearly finished another story that goes before it but isn't really a vital part of the arc. The webpage I'm working on right now makes me want to draw cats. Dangerous! It was giving me fits yesterday, but I think I've solved all the problems today, crossing fingers. I HATE doing server switches. They NEVER go smoothly.

Okay, knuckling under on some things that look like work. Also, craving sweets like mad.
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