Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with new artwork

I finished it! In not unrelated news, I need to order more pens.


It is, unfortunately, week three of no Torn World storyline updates, but I've got all but the VERY VERY end of the next installment written, so this will be the last week this happens. Right? RIGHT?

Picked berries this weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I went out with M and got two mostly-full quart bags of blueberries for the freezer and a big bowl for the fridge, and on Sunday I took a bucket when I went for my walk with Norway. I didn't find blueberries where I was hoping to, but I did bring back two cups of raspberries. Guppy loveslovesloves the blueberries.

The fair started on Friday, and I went to take business cards to a friend. I had a mixed reaction - part nostalgic and part so, so grateful that I'm not involved in the circus of vending at the fair anymore. It was fun to wander a little with Jake, eat gyros, and go to the petting zoo with Guppy. There are goat-butt photos that may be used as blackmail during the teenaged years.

Laundry today, possibly a trip to the gym. Maybe some shopping. Who knows!
Tags: alaska, artwork, guppy, life

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