Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily, sleep is for the weak.

Guppy decided that 5:30 was the time to get up this morning. She had a bit of a nap later in the morning (going down about the time she usually gets up!), but is FIRMLY resisting her afternoon nap. "GAWAGAWAGAWA!" she calls downstairs to me. "OyawahblayahYA," she adds. "Ooooo," when I don't reply. Then a few more "GawayagawaYA"s, some kicking, and another toy hostage is ejected from the crib. We've been doing this long enough for me to eat lunch. I'm close to folding.

I got surprised by a torrential downpour last night while out walking Norway. Rain was running down my arms so hard it was getting into my pockets, and my jeans got so soaked I could feel water running down my shins underneath them. Probably the wettest I have ever been with clothing on. Norway took off for home without me when the thunder started, the little coward. Fortunately, it's a stiff enough uphill - and I was booking fast enough - that I stayed warm and did not arrive home completely chilled. My Gortex kept my core dry, too.

Worse, I was worried all my ladybugs had drowned, as I had released them just before I went on my walk. They are sturdy little beetles, however, and they are out merrily marching all around my garden this morning eating tasty aphids. It rained hard enough to splash dirt several inches up my house from my garden, and my violets are mostly sideways, but the delphiniums look quite happy. (I tied them up a few days ago, or I'm sure they would be slumped, too.)

A good chunk of my Kickstarter experience is written up, mostly during Guppy's nap this morning, and I'm hoping for the rest of it now so I can rehearse a few times and make sure the timing is about right. I doubt I will get a slideshow put together for it; but I warned that I probably wouldn't.

Considering a cup of tea.

And rescuing the Guppy. I think she's run out of toys hostages.

Here is a photo from a sunnier day:

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