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I got a refresher course in fluid mechanics this morning when I dropped a mug full of hot coffee on the floor - splattered cabinets up to the counter, drenched myself discontinuously from waist to sandals, and shattered the handle of my mug. Alas! Not the way I WANTED to start my morning. Remarkably, the baby slept through it!

Have gotten little bits and spurts of creative time over the last few days - the next segment of the South Meets North saga was posted yesterday, At the Edges of the Maps, Part 2. This one was a BEAR to write - not because I didn't know exactly what I needed to have happen (my outline was spot-on, which almost never happens!), but because I could not get more than 5 contiguous minutes to write on it. Every time I sat down to it, there was a toddler shrieking for my attention, or a phone would ring, or something. So it was written in the increments I could steal, and gradually - very gradually - beaten into shape. I think it turned out pretty well, for all it was written basically one paragraph per writing session. I was lucky with a nap yesterday, and able to spin out basically ALL of the following installment. I polished it up today and got it before the review board ASAP. It is so wonderful to see plot-moving-forward, and to look forward to some of the exciting bits that I've been planning for SO LONG.

I also started inking Midnight Sun Magic on Sunday, and I'm really super happy with it so far. There are some seriously tedious inking sessions in my near future, but it will be worth it, I think. I got the box of Prismacolor boxes in the mail as part of the reward packages for my Kickstarter project. I keep wanting to pet them. Pretty, pretty new art supplies. (Nevermind that I have like 579 colored pencils of my own...)

Guppy is babbling more and more conversationally. She makes perfectly timed replies and wry observations that happen to contain no actual words, and can't fathom why we don't understand her, poor little fish. Her walking is terrifically more coordinated and consistent than it was just a month ago, and her fine motor control improves almost daily. I think we have safely moved past the 'everything in the mouth' phase, and our furniture may be safe again from chewing. She continues to have strong opinions about what she eats (and throws the rest on the floor) and likes Mom's cup more than her own. I have been trying to get 16 month bear photos with her, but she persists in manhandling the bear, throwing him at the camera, or generally just being ornery about getting a good photo. I keep trying!

She loves to wear the rings from ball jars as bracelets.

Art now, and dishes. And maybe ironing. And some emails. And maybe programming. Probably not all of that during naptime. Even a really epic nap.

ETA: Or, none of that, because Guppy decides an hour is more than enough sleep...
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