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Wednesdaily with links and photos...

From Seth Godin's blog today: You don't have to like new art, but it helps to understand it.

Looking at cleaning as a process, rather than a goal

Because It's All About Them - a story from my prompt, 'relativity and cats'.

Earthrise! I read this as it was serialized in haikujaguar's blog and it hooked me. You can check out some of the sketches and painting she did for this, get the ebook, or buy it in print.

And to plug the same creator, if you are a creative business person and not already reading The Three Jaguars webcomic, start here, and consider donating or purchasing merchandise - this is haikujaguar's least rewarding branch of business right now... and happens to be my favorite.

My rubber stamps at Katstamps are 30% off until the 29th!

Really awesome Wargods of Olympus miniatures Kickstarter.

That ought to keep you busy for a while.

Have a photo, and I'm out.

I seem to have a number of Velcro-Guppy photos to share lately. This is largely because the kitty is one of the few things distracting enough to keep her attention long enough for me to snap some shots. I have a LOT of blurry running-full-tilt-for-the-camera photos! Like this one:

(From cooler days. Today we are in as little clothing as possible. Tasty bait for mosquitoes, but more comfortable.)
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