Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with Kickstarter Wrap-Up and a photo

It's been a crazy morning!

So! I've got FOUR coloring books to get out! We finished funding at $4735, or 1229%. I recognize that $385 was a pretty modest goal, but I'm still REALLY chuffed with what we did. I learned a tremendous amount, and had a LOT of fun. I'm not sure if this officially qualifies as my best-selling coloring book ever, because that's spread out over four titles in a yet-unknown distribution, but it sure beats the PANTS off of dumping a lot of time and money into a coloring book that may or may not do well or may sell eventually. Kickstarter definitely gives things a sense of urgency that pre-orders in the past simply haven't done. And it was fun, did I mention? A huge thank you to everyone who helped boost the signal, pledged, or just said 'rah, rah!' at any point along the way.

I'm still wandering around in a bit of shock, to be honest. WOW!

Baby woke up just as the countdown ended, and parents arrived just as she went down for a nap, so this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and look at the computer again. Got some Torn World stuff dealt with, and... I ought to try to do some programming or something. My brain is not cooperating. I'm going to take a shower, instead, and maybe ink some artwork. Perhaps the most awesome thing about this Kickstarter is the jump it's given my art mojo.

Shower, yes.

And I promised a photo when I wrote the subject line nearly 8 hours ago, so here you go:

Tags: guppy, kickstarter

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