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Thursdaily with many things...

Sketch Fest is tomorrow!

I get to pick up my third farm share tomorrow!

Mother is slowly on the mend - she broke her kneecap last week and had surgery on Tuesday. It's been a rough week for her and living in an RV in our driveway is not the easiest way to recover. There is little I can do, but I get Guppy out to visit her when she's up for it.

I didn't post about it earlier, but we've resumed the South Meets North serial at Torn World - you can watch it here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com or here: http://tornworld.net

I have the next segment in front of the canon board, and I got a few hundred words on the following one yesterday. I have been managing to allot 30 minutes a day on EITHER art or writing, which is not at all that much, but it is slowly getting things done.

My Kickstarter is less than $80 from 3K! Eeee! I am really, really hoping we get to $3500, because then I have to make *Asterix, the miniature coloring book - and I really, really want to do that.

Guppy is going through a Seriously Attached phase that I'm hopeful will end soon. It is hard to do housework when I have to shuffle around because both knees are being clung to. Halfway across the room is Too Far Away! She starts crying if I put on a sweater. She's also sprouted a new tooth (current count, 6) and is working on another. I leave her with someone else once a day at least (with ear protection), but she's still not convinced I'll be coming back.

We went for a walk the other afternoon, but not a long one - the mosquitoes were so thick I was inhaling them, and I decided that wasn't worth the exercise. Lucky Guppy got a netted stroller! She thought the net was pretty cool:

Off for my 30 minutes of creativity!
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