Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Just stuff.

Alright, darnit, nobody's allowed to write to me for a while. I got my inbox down to one page. No more messages, you hear?!

Of course, I still have the old Outlook Inbox to scour through, since I *know* there are messages festering there, turning fuzzy and green and probably making me enemies. That rotten Ellen; she never writes back! She's probably a snotty, stuck up priss who doesn't want my business and/or artwork anyway...


Hence the last-ditch attempt to automate things to a degree. And force upon me much in the way of organization.

Hey drakenhart and mersades... did you get my guinea pig email? My webmail was doing... odd... things about then, and I'm thinking they didn't get successfully sent. If so, no rush, just let me know. If not, I'll resend, hope you didn't think I was brushing you off. :P Thanks!

Tonight, we buy ceiling paneling!! Yay!!

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