Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Smashingly busy, no dailies this week... have a photo.

This is from an unexpected picnic Elsa and I took on Sunday - story to follow, if I have a chance. Had her 15 month appointment, her health is perfect: 75 percentile height, 50 percentile weight. Her vocabulary is on the very low side of acceptable, but she gets bonus points for having 'turtle' as one of her few words.

I randomly found a disc of old artwork from 1995-2000 with art that you have never seen before - it simultaneously makes me go 'urgh, I was AWFUL' and 'hey, that was pretty good, maybe I haven't improved at all, oh-god-I've-stagnated-and-am-a-hack-and-should-give-up.'

Kickstarter has me down in the dumps - after a fabulous start, a supporter withdrew their pledge (I didn't know you could DO that!?) and I haven't gotten any more since then, so I'm all a-twitter about my brief moment in the sun being over and oh-god-I-really-AM-a-hack-and-everyone-else-is-going-to-withdraw-like-rats-before-a-flood-and-I'm-doing-something-WRONG.

Insecurities. I haz them.

Family in town, deadlines, projects, much juggling and few spoons! Guppy is growing, garden is growing, weather is clearing, artwork is happening in 5 minutes spurts, writing... is not, breakfast now, maybe more later.
Tags: artwork, daily, guppy, kickstarter, photo.

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