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I went out to the hot springs today with my sisters and mother and soaked away aches and pains I didn't even realize I had. It was a lovely day, enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes from swarming, and the water was blistering hot. Literally, they warned us when we checked in that it was still being cooled after being cleared, cleaned and filled with straight hot spring water. They were adding cool creek water, so it cooled as we were there, but it's a big pool, and it takes hours to change the temperatures significantly. That morning it had been 117 (according to another user), it was 113 during our first dip, and it had cooled to 109 after our lunch break, which was quite bearable. There were cooler spots, if you could find them, and they had the firehoses going, which make for nice cool sprays of water to stand up in.

It was a gorgeous drive, and a marvelous soak, and wonderful company, and I was out of cell range, so I couldn't check obsessively on Guppy to see if she was being monster-y and feel guilty. (She wasn't - she and Jake had a marvelous fun day together.)

My Kickstarter continues to creep upward - after a bit of a plateau, it's unexpectedly hiccuped to life again, and got right through the $2000 stretch goal of putting Dotminatrix back into print as an option for all the 2+ coloring book reward levels... and is 43% of the distance to the following stretch goal already! I'm going to add another 2 pages to it at the $3000 level, I think. Or, maybe I should put the goal at some lower number? I keep thinking that after I post one, and then wake up after a particularly good day to find that the goal is behind me already. I'm a little nervous I'll run out of interesting and attainable stretch goals! We're not even halfway through! First world, lucky-girl problems. I'm sure you're all weeping for me.

Also, I TOTALLY want to Kickstart a Sketch Fest compendium now... >.> Maybe a yearly compendium? Oo.

The first share from our CSA was magnificent. I mean, it was a little small, seeing as we had snow two weekends ago, but there was plenty for some big green salads: spinach, mustard greens, another leaf-green, these trendy, peppery little arugula microgreens, even radishes! And it's SO FRESH. Nom. Also, Guppy likes fresh spinach, go figure. I gave her a leaf and she looked at it, looked at me, looked at it, and took a bite. Giggling and more bites followed. She also liked radish, which was even more surprising.

I'm quickly running out of steam, so I'll close with some sea monsters that wrapped up sea monster month yesterday:

The art gallery has all of my monster cards now!

When Sea Monsters Attack is a rollicking good compilation about the sea monster dangers of Torn World.

Also, the June Sketch Fest is: June 14-16!
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