Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's Thursday already?! How can this be?

We have 6 more trees to cut - Jake is taking tomorrow off to do this, as the excavating contractor is coming on Sunday. Merp! Oh, and tomorrow I get to pick up my first farm share, which is super exciting! Given that we had snow the weekend before last, I'm honestly not expecting a lot...

Tomorrow is the last day of Sea Monster Month! I will be posting "When Sea Monsters Attack!" and my last two art cards.

My Kickstarter has slowed considerably, with just a few pledges now and again as I've slid off the Kickstarter's 'popular' pages; I plan to make some banners and hit my contacts list early next week - we're only $86 from putting Dotminatrix back in print! This is the artwork I'm working on as the first stretch goal piece:

And, this is my super-goofy little monster, picking up her Tang lid (with turtle passenger that you can't actually see) in her mouth and crab-walking around.

Her favorite things right now are going outside, walking (usually holding onto Mom, but also freestyle and pushing anything that will scoot), and throwing food on the floor. One of these things is less awesome than the others...
Tags: art wip, artwork, guppy, housebuilding, kickstarter, photos

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