Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Friday with news of varying goodness.

The baby has discovered the 'joy' of putting her toys places she can't get them back. Like between the cabinets in the kitchen, or over the babygate. This particular 'joy' usually ends in shrieks of outrage when this particular activity ends in - surprise! - a toy where she can't get it back.

Also, throwing food on the floor makes Mom cranky. Especially when she looks at me, considers it, and without breaking eye contact, flings the food as hard as she can in a random direction. You're lucky you're adorable, little monster.

In other news, we have a lot of trees to clear, and our chainsaw is behaving Badly, the battery in the van needs replaced, and the van needs to be pulled out of the mud its stuck in. No camping for us this weekend! (Besides which, our campground is still snowed in...)

In much better news, my kickstarter is just $7 from $1500!!! We got extra pages! More new artwork! Free PDFs of Dotminatrix with every order of $20 or more! The next stretch goal isn't until $2000, but it's a doozy - I'll be putting Dotminatrix back in print and offering all the packages with 2 coloring books ($25+) their choice of 2 copies of Fantastrix or one each!

The sketch for the first new piece is starting to coalesce; I should be able to post the very rough draft tomorrow, depending on monster and family and such.

And in the very best news, THERE ARE GREEN THINGS IN MY GARDEN! I am about half sure they are not just weeds, but I don't even care if they are.
Tags: alaska, guppy, kickstarter

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