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Tuesdaily with So Much to Blog About...

You know how some days, you sit down and think 'gosh, I thought I had something interesting to blog about, but I guess not...?' Today is not that day. I'm not sure I have an icon happy enough for today, and I'm pretty sure this post is going to explode from the sheer amount of news in it.

Guppy took her first steps!!!

Never, in the history of babies, has there been a baby so happy as there was last night, toddling and giggling between Jake and I. She is seriously clumsy and crash-landed into waiting laps several of the times, but oh, the triumph on that little girl's face! You hear about what an amazing moment it is, but I'm not sure you ever really appreciate it, or realize how much the child's own recognition of the event plays a role, until you're holding out your hands and watching her make her own way to you. She's been waiting for this, and while she has loved walking behind her stroller or holding onto a hand, she's been aware that there's a world of independence just out of her grabby little reach.

It was an amazing sequence, and I'm so incredibly grateful that Jake could be there with me to share it. It was a perfect moment, following a perfectly delicious dinner of homemade kale quiche.

In related news: I'M SO DOOMED.

She also decided to get up 4 hours early this morning, and stayed up for 2 hours, rather than falling immediately back to sleep. No further unassisted walking, but I know it's just a matter of time.

I have showered, and vacuumed, and got the dog fed and the husband fed and off to work and oh, by the way, launched my coloring book Kickstarter, which is already more than half funded $2 from funded in the first two hours and it's really hard not to obsessively click refresh, so I've also started laundry and am about to go scoop catboxes and maybe find something to repair.

I also got another last-minute Sea Monster sponsorship, so I have an additional card to do, and we're just $4 from a second additional card! I finished one last night - maybe my new favorite - and have started the commissioned one that bumped us up.

I have family coming into town any day now, and it's breakup, which means MUD EVERYWHERE, and we're looking at estimates to have a garage built and it's SPRING (really this time, I hope) and *Kermit flails!!*

I leave you with happy Guppy wearing Jake's ear protection.

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