Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Blah Monday

I beat back the crud yesterday and went gaming, which was great fun. The crud won back some ground this morning and I woke with sore throat and clogged head. It's not enough to keep me down, just makes the day more surreal.

Ran out of oil yesterday, so it was chilly in the house this morning. But our house must be better insulated than we guessed because it was *cold* outside. Could see my breath... long silver clouds of it... and my hands on the steering wheel driving in were frigid. Oil to be delivered tomorrow. We can have a wood fire tonight!

Have nine contracts left to do, and the mailing of signature pages. Plan to do that tonight. I'm bringing frozen pizza over to my parents' house to share with Becca, and then I'll mail signature pages and finish the on-line contracts, and if there's leftover time, I'll start adding new designs to the webpage.

Leftover time! I make me laugh.

Whitney joined Rushwater! *evil grin* This should be fun. Muuuuust work on Tarot cards. Gah. I suck.

Feeling crappy and sick of work.

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