Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sea Monsters, ho! Also, snow whines.

I finished my earlier card and got two more done for Muse Fusion (which you can see previews of in the comments over here). That leaves just TWO more monsters to draw! Requesting one over at the Muse Fusion is probably your last chance to influence my drawing choice... and this is probably your last chance to sponsor one! Most of the originals are still available, or you can opt for a package that includes prints - all 20 for just $15! We're $14 from a drawing for a free original among all sponsors, and $25 past that adds another monster to my drawing table. I'm be drawing for a print winner from our monster vs monster poll Monday, I think.

And yes, the snow is sticking now. Forecast calls for up to 6 inches over the weekend. I... just... what? Please post photos of your gardens, if you live somewhere where it's green. It cheers me up to think that there is summer somewhere.

I took a reluctant walk with the dog (I was reluctant; he's wearing a big fur coat and thinks everything is awesome, always), and it was horrible. The trail is super punky, with about six inches of collapsing snow left, it's ugly and there is just enough of a driving wind to put little ice bits right down your neck.

I think that the baby has finally settled, and I'm going off to bed myself. She was extra monster-y today, with moments of sweet, and a side of throw-all-the-food-on-the-floor; I'm pretty beat.
Tags: guppy, sea monster month, weather

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