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Wednesdaily (written back when it was Wednesday)

I have posted what is probably my favorite of the sea monster cards so far:

We are just $14 from the second stretch goal, which would be a drawing for an original among all of the sponsors (good odds so far, I might note!). $25 past that, and I add another sea monster to my list. :) http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1373367.html

I got the next South Meets North installment finished up and posted for the canon board, and the next one rough-outlined, AND the one after that started. Go, me! I have 'When Sea Monsters Attack' to write next.

I also have a load of laundry downstairs waiting for me to fold, but am feeling distinctly unmotivated. Given how badly my back and shoulders and wrists felt yesterday, I expected to be in agony today... and am pleasantly surprised to find that isn't the case. Sore, yes. Horribly hurty? Not so much. The gray sky and cool temperatures make me want to cuddle up with a hot drink and watch TV. Or at least cuddle a warm laptop and stare at code, if I must be productive.

Programming has been challenging this week so far - my server has been having a wretched string of bad luck. Support has been responsive, and it's not just a 'me' problem, but stuff that reaches much further. (Lots of screaming and panic in the streets.) While things were up in short bursts, I got the cancel button for buyers at Sketch Fest fixed up, and did a little minor client work. Another discrete task to do now, and I can go draw another sea monster. I've also got the framework for a waitlist mocked up at Sketch Fest. And by 'mocked up', I mean, lines of code that look like this:

#Some magical crap here that ensures claims remain in order.
#Now, double-check the status as we're setting this claim in case it's just been canceled or approved.
#I'll need tools on the management page to keep tabs on this stuff, too.
#Good gravy, what was I thinking with this script?!

Alrighty, how about a Guppy photo to finish things off? She has been Extra Monstery today, with a side of 'let's scream every time Mom picks up the phone.' And yesterday I was JUST mentally composing a post about how we won the baby lottery with an adorable little monster who has a really happy baseline mood. That'll teach me to mentally blog about how lucky I am.

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