Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily - Sketch Fest in a few hours!

Woke up to panic in the streets about a bug in the login/password security changes at Sketch Fest... a problem I identified yesterday, but failed to actually fix because I am a dope. All fixed now, and people are back in order for the most part. Join us in a few hours 30 minutes with prompts and such! I've made a number of little speed-related improvements, so hopefully things will be more zippy than usual. http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

I put the baby monitor in my pocket hiked to the top of the driveway to put out lath and flagging so no one (like the suicidal UPS driver yesterday!) would make the mistake of driving down it; it's a dangerous, slushy disaster. I snuck my shower in while Guppy was waking up... (thinking firmly, 'stay happy for two more minutes while I scrub my hair!' It worked!) I also got the shower cleaned, scooped the catbox, and vacuumed. I still need to put in a load of laundry, and then I am free to do a little writing, post something at Torn World, and prep for a hardcore afternoon of arting. Guppy is currently crawling around in pursuit of Velcro, all lessons unremembered.

(ETA: Ah, yes, and got held-by-teeth again, because it cannot be called biting when done that gently. It puzzles me that Velcro persists on staying around and lying nearby when she clearly is OVER being manhandled and Guppy is clearly in a surf-the-kitty kind of mood.)

We made it to the first stretch goal of the Sea Monster Card Project!! When Sea Monsters Attack will be a thing! Thank you, all you gorgeous sponsors! I did not have a chance to draw another one yesterday, so we are still at 14/20. I will be cruising the Sketch Fest prompts looking for sea monster-able ideas this afternoon, and bear in mind that sponsorships for the project will be going away when I finish the ones I've committed to, so the end may be VERY near. Torn World and EMG credits may be spent on this project.

Laundry! Food! Art! Baby!
Tags: daily, guppy, sea monster month, sketch fest, torn world

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