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Thursdaily with sea monsters, a poll, a panorama of snow, and a request for a title...

14 Sea Monsters done! Mwahahaha!

Congratulations to dandelion_diva, who won our last drawing for a free print. You will have your choice at the end of the project, when all of the prizes and originals are mailed.

That means, it's time for another poll... this one will be monster versus monster! I will pit the top two contenders against each other in grisly mortal battle, then the next two, and so on. I do reserve the right to skip a monster if they are from vastly different climates or wouldn't ever be in conflict for any reason.

Poll #1912878 Monster versus Monster!

Monster vs Monster!

giant sea turtle
western sea serpent

Your address for an entry into a poll for a free ACEO print of any sea monster card!

We're still $5 from our first stretch goal. Just $5 and you get an awesome article, 'When Sea Monsters Attack!' You know you want to support this project! I am going to end this when I get them all finished - which means six more monsters, or only a few more days at my current rate, so don't dawdle. :)

I'm also working on a Kickstarter campaign for my next coloring book... and my biggest hurdle right now is a name. I liked 'Dotminatrix', but I've seen Moms do a double-take at the title at the fair before, and as clever as it is, I fear it may... er... make certain promises that it doesn't deliver. Yes, it's a coloring book for grown-ups, but it's not THAT kind of coloring book and severely lacks in whips and blindfolds. So. I need a good catchy name that covers the kind of general fantasy and science fiction stuff that I do. A little dramatic romance, some big furry unicorns, big ice spiders with door-to-door salesmen, angels, demons, a sea monster in a tree after a flood. You know... some kind of awesome title that implies all of that and makes me sound amazing. Then I can lay out the cover, finish the video and launch this sucker.

So, this has gone viral today: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2013/05/depression-part-two.html - it's a very long comic, very crudely drawn and rude in several places... but so full of truths and feels that it deserves the attention it's getting. I don't usually link to things that have already shown up all over my friendslists... but that's a good one and it gets me right in the gut.

Bread is rising, and I'm waffling between doing a sea monster card and working on the sea monster in the tree. (ETA: playing with demanding baby won... it's hard to resist giggly baby pushing a toy at you!) I got a little writing done this morning before Guppy woke up, and have nearly polished off the next SmN installment. I got a bunch of programming done yesterday, and have some more to tackle this afternoon during Guppy's nap.

Guppy is showing signs of wearing out, only a little early for an afternoon nap that is beginning to show signs of being on an actual, factual schedule. She woke up last night after I'd been asleep maybe an hour. I only gave her water and told her to go back to sleep... and she didn't particularly like that answer, but she only complained for about 10 minutes, and it was a descending 10 minutes, getting less and less angry until it was just the tiniest mutter, followed by blissful silence. Jake slept right through it. She woke again a few hours later, but didn't fuss long enough for me to get out of bed... even if I hadn't steeled myself to be all hard-hearted about things in the interest of going back to sleeping through the night.

It's still warm and melty, thank goodness. I took this photo yesterday using the panorama feature on my phone. I couldn't see the screen at all - it was way too bright, so I had to cross my fingers that it was working.

Click for a bigger version. Black dot is dog.

I think that's enough random blather for today.
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