Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Babies and Monsters for Wednesdaily. (And babies who ARE monsters)

This is our latest fun thing to do - completely empty the Tupperware drawer onto the floor. It's loud, entertaining, and pretty much doesn't hurt anything (though I suspect I will lose a few lids to cracks as she crawls over them indiscriminately). It usually gives me half an hour to try to get something done, as most of the vessels are curiously inspected before being thrown to the ground (or put randomly in another drawer).

The cat finally broke down and disciplined monsterus minimus yesterday - and Guppy totally deserved it. Velcro didn't break the skin, but she did turn around and wrap claws (barely extended) and mouth around the baby's arm and hold her there for a moment before letting go and stalking away. Guppy sat there, stunned, for a moment, then gave one cry of surprise and dismay. I rolled up her sleeve to find that there were white scratches at the very surface of her skin and little indents where teeth had been. I was very unsympathetic, as I had just told her, repeatedly, to be gentle, and that was followed by ear-pulling, tail-grabbing and full-body surf-and-giggle.

Programming to do now... though I have some ideas for the next South Meets North installment (I'm at about 500 words), and I would like to do mooooore sea monsters! These cards are getting ridiculously detailed, but I'm having a ton of fun. I have posted the next one, a Blue Harpoon Snail, and I've updated my Master List. I also broke up the $100 stretch goal to shoehorn in a $50 stretch goal, because I really, really want to write When Sea Monsters Attack! We're just $5 from that goal! I finished a Whalebear this morning and will be doing a Dorruuyirv next. Then, I think I will draw the winner from this poll and do a new one - maybe with some monster pair options which I'll then draw fighting. *grins*

But programming stuff now. That pays the bills. *sigh*
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