Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Guppy Report (and photo) and Sea Monster Update (and photo)

Guppy Report

I haven't posted a photo in a while! Have a scrunchy face!

She slept soundly all night, the little angel, and Mom is well-rested and ready to chase her around all day. She loves to walk around pushing her little stroller, or holding onto one hand. It's a matter of days, maaaaybe weeks, I think, before she lets go accidentally and is off to the races. She's also drooling like mad, and her cheeks have little red spots, so I think she's brewing a new tooth. At the moment, she is telling me a lengthy story about all the interesting things she is pulling out of one of her drawers and interrupting my blogging every few moments to read her one of the books she finds.

Sea Monster Card Update

I have finished 11 cards! We are past the halfway point, and not quite halfway to our first goal... which I'm really hoping we make, because I want an excuse to write up that article about how various sea monsters attack. Help support the project! Or spread the word. :)

Here's a sneak preview of the last two I finished and the next one I'm working on... I did the giant sea turtle and started the leaping dreamskates last night, as they were far ahead in the poll when I checked. I finished the dreamskates this morning and started on armored mudpuppies... a ridiculously complex scene with two of them fighting and FOUR humans on the background. Many of these monsters are sort of ho-hum until you put something in with them for scale. It's not too late to vote! Whalebears and dorruuyirv are tied for the next slot right now.

Weather Report

I don't want to say the s-word TOO loudly (the good s-word, not the bad s-word), but it's been lovely the last few days. The snow is actually melting! Blue skies! The birds are going nuts, and I'm tempted to put out feeders.
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