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Sea Monster Cards! Crowdfunding project!

ETA: Sponsorships are closed! The last monster is drawn! Thank you for your support!

I'm drawing Sea Monsters! It's Sea Monster month over at Torn World, and I've made a goal to do 20 ACEO sea monster cards. (ACEOs are art cards that are exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches - mine all have radiused corners.) I am planning to do all 20 in color, on textured colored paper, as a matched set.

Here are some sneak preview thumbnails of 4 of the 9 I've finished:

From left to right, a pink jellyrigger, an eastern sea serpent, a heat-thief, and a smartarm. (See below for a full list of all the sea monsters I've completed to this point, with links to posted work!)

And, at this point, I'm confident that I will finish the run of 20... so I am opening it up for crowdfunding!

What you get

Free: Help me decide which monster to do next! Periodically, I will put up polls to choose the next monster to draw. Free print winners are dandelion_diva and pixiewildflower! You may choose your prints at the close of the project.

All support levels, $1 and up: My gratitude, sneak previews of the cards as they are finished, before they are posted at the Torn World site, and entry into random drawings (see the stretch goals!).

$5 You will receive 5 random ACEO prints by mail, domestic
$6 You will receive 5 random ACEO prints by mail, international

$15 You have your choice of 1 original ACEO OR a set of ACEO prints of all sea monsters - at least 20 cards, and more if we meet stretch goals! You may choose your card at any point, first come, first served, and do not have to choose between these options until the end of the project (however, once you claim a card, that decision is final!). Shipping included.

$25 As above, but you get BOTH an original AND a full set of the prints.

$35 Pick your monster! You tell me which monster you want to see... any Torn World sea monster or scary aquatic animal is fair game, any level of detail you choose. I will include people or scenery on request, do two monsters battling... or having tea... and you get the original card, shipping included.

See a new card you MUST have? After the $25 donation level, you can claim any available original card for an additional $10. (A link will be provided to those who are eligible!)

Claims on originals is first come, first served. Unless you specify otherwise, your sneak previews will be via email, using the email you ordered with. You may use EMG or Torn World credits, just contact me with your desire to do so. All prizes and purchases will be mailed at the close of the project, currently estimated at May 20. Torn World members will be listed as a patron on the cards they claim.

Stretch goals

At $50, I will write up an article collecting the various ways that sea monsters attack, and how to fight them off. We made it! This article is about half done!

At $100, I will do a random drawing of all supporters - including Torn World subscribers - to win an original card from the completed collection, winner's choice of available cards. We made it! Congratulations to meeksp!

At $125, $150, and $175, I will add sea monsters 21, 22 and 23 to the set, updating on weekends.

$4 from a second extra monster!

At $200, I will do another random drawing of all supporters and write a silly poem to match a poll-selected monster.

At $250, and $275, I will add sea monsters 24 and 25 to the set.

At $300, I will send an extra ACEO print to all supporters, draw monster #26, and do another random drawing, plus write a short story that goes with one of the cards.

Other stretch goals to be added as needed!

Sea Monster Tally

21 / 21 Sea Monsters drawn in May!

Pink Jellyrigger, posted 5/6. Available!

Lurking Smartarm, posted 5/7. Available!

Blue Harpoon Snail, posted 5/8. Available!

Heat-thief, posted 5/9. Available!

Eastern Sea Serpent, to post 5/10. Sold.

Pink Jellyrigger Cluster, posted 5/13. Sold.

Blimpfish in Love, posted 5/14. Available!

The Dreamskate and the Wreck, posted 5/15. Available!

The Thunder-Whale, Escort, posted 5/16. Available!

Giant Sea Turtle Capsizes a Ship, posted 5/17. Sold

Leaping Dreamskates, posted 5/20. Available!

Fighting Armored Mudpuppies, posted 5/21. Available!

Whalebear Attack posted 5/22. Sold

Dorruuyirv Pod, Hunting posted 5/23. Available!

Jellyrigger versus Smartarm - posted 5/24. Sold

Jellyrigger versus Snagtooth - posted 5/27. Sold

Deathfin versus Heat-Thief - posted 5/28. sold!

Weed-Eater and Calves - posted 5/29. Available!

Trapjaw and the (poor!) dolphin - posted 5/30. Available!

Deathfin versus the Shark - posted 5/31. Sold

Deathfin Courtship - posted 5/31. Sold

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