Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Into the weekend...

I love technology.

Last night at the show I could keep surreptitious tabs on how Guppy was doing without me, and swipe credit cards, which ended up making up about half my sales. Guppy was perfectly cheerful and happy while I was away, much to my relief. Her only fuss was when she got stuck between Jake's chair and the endtable, which is to be expected. She was napping when I left, but quite happy be collected by my sister instead of me when she woke up, ate food (yay, yogurt!), played with her new books, put things in bowls, took things out of bowls, put things back in bowls, got a splashy bath... generally didn't miss me at all. I am very much relieved.

(Not actually a photo from last night, but an awesome one, nonetheless.)

Oh, and the art show went fine, too. The coolest part was getting to try out my phone-swiper, which worked gorgeously. Swipe! Sign on the screen. Funds in Paypal. And I could send a receipt by email or mobile. Bam!

It was really, really fun. I didn't sell a LOT of stuff, but enough to make it worth coming out for, and I saw a lot of old friends and people from my show days. Lots of customers remembered me, and people enjoyed flipping through my book of ACEOs. laylalawlor and I were tucked away in a less lively corner of the building (a lot of people went directly upstairs), but there was a food table with wine just beyond us, so early in the evening we had good traffic past us. It died off as the cheesecake disappeared.

Here's a shot of my display - you can see Layla's Freebird book as well.

Now, breakfast is ready! Mmm...
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