Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with more snow.

My show nerves appear to be waiting until tomorrow - I am surprisingly zen today, and any nervousness I've felt has been over how miserable the Guppy is going to be while I'm away; she's been extra crabby about me going for my walks lately and I think we're going through an attachment phase. (Sorry, Becca! *wince*) I've also finished another handful of ACEOs, plus 6 yesterday, and I just got Guppy down to nap, so I may toss off another few, too. (They may go over like lead balloons, but they're fun, so I don't mind.)

I've been doing sea monster ACEOs for Sea Monster Month over at Torn World... and was toying with the idea of doing one a day for the month of May, until I remembered that the end of this month is going to be a MADHOUSE. I've got family coming up from the lower 48, and the end of May is always a little crazed anyway. Probably best not to make such promises. I'm going to aim for 20 monsters, because there are 23 posting days in the month but I'll be starting a little late since they have to go through the canon board, and that seems like a good round number. I should be finished with them mid-month.

I like progress bars!

2 / 20 Sea Monsters drawn in May!

If the weather ever clears up, I hope to get out in our van camping this month. But this is what my hiking trail looked like yesterday:

Happy May Day! (The black speck is Norway; those are his tracks.) It was snowing again this morning.
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