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Art show hung. Looks great, I think - and there's space for some more pieces if I felt like springing for some more frames. I might hang up one of the stained glass-framed mirrors, actually. And I'd like to polish off a few more ACEOs, too. Hanging was quite fun - the other artist/geeks are awesome, and I think it's a good mix of pieces. The space is wonderful, and winding and large. My show-in-a-box is pretty much ready to go. I need a literature display, still - I think I got rid of my best displays, so I'll have to work something else up. Debating between doing the freestanding pegboard triangle, or doing table-framing pieces with my display board. Table-framing may work better with what I've got. I'll be sharing space with Layla, so I will confer with her... (I wish it were warm enough to spray-paint the pegboard. I have been meaning to do that for several shows now. But no, it's still snowing.) I should print up some more cards, I think. Maybe some bookmarks. I may do some of the old, OLD designs that used to sell really well: Dragonsled and Northern Lights always sold out early. Since my laminator is inside anyway. Wonder if I have any bookmark tassels left...!

Some business emails are off, I'm showered and fed. Guppy was up just before the alarm went off, which is far, far better than 3 AM, but still odd for her. She went back to bed after a few hours. Vacuuming is done, bread and laundry still on the list for today - we're planning pizza tonight!

May launches Sea Monster Month at Torn World! Artists, I would consider it a special amazing favor to me if you wanted to sketch one of our awesome, fabulous sea monsters for publication this month. *puppy eyes* Krakken-like smartarms! Giant, seal-like whalebears! Trapjaw, like an alligator with flippers! Sea serpents! A whale that will destroy you with sonic waves!

And I leave you with a baby escaping her socks:

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